Terry and Sheona Anders, long-time childhood friends, grew up in small towns in Zimbabwe and were married in Hwange National Park on the first of Spring 2007. It was a bush wedding attended by more pachyderms than people.

Simple and sincere, the ceremony was a magical moment for their memory bank and a defining moment for their future in safari together. Managing at the time, their unity extended beyond ties of the heart and the two embarked on a business in safari operation in 2008.

They called their company Forever African Safaris, a name born of their mantra and a commitment “to give every guest a sense of true belonging in this beloved, wild Africa of ours”.

Making their dream a reality they poured heart and hard work into establishing a private tented bush camp operation in 2008.  It afforded guests the freedom to roam off-the-beaten-track and deep into the wild.

It was exhilarating eating under the stars and waking to bird calls; walking care-free in long grass and wishing every moment would last forever. It felt humbling to follow in the footsteps of giants; lost only in chasing sunset after sunset.  Soul-full and footloose, it was a wonderful time of connection with each other around the fire each evening reminiscing the joy in unchartered days.

They were gloriously golden days and they were the inspiration for all the Africa-rich adventures that Terry and Sheona have since gone on to host.  Not everyone knows the joy of a mobile safari, and so in 2019 the two opened a permanent safari camp fit for old and young, and new and seasoned travelers alike.

Iganyana Tented Camp became the first of their permanent tented camps in Hwange with all the features that made private tented bush camps so rewarding. Subtle permanence; carefully included comforts.  Simple luxury.

Now Terry and Sheona have four beautiful boys to their credit who are growing up just as their parents did with all of Africa as their back yard. The family live to share this extraordinary heritage with all who travel to Zimbabwe and long to share in many an adventure with you too!

To all ardent and would-be wanderers . . . from the Anders-duo

“We’re just regular folks – with a dream. We love Africa, not only because it is home, but because it holds such grand adventure. We’ve never been content with ‘nice’ or ‘normal’ and I think for us we’ll always be wild hearts. Play time, fun time, leisure time, the delightful joy in surprise and the excitement of discovery – these shouldn’t be rewards reserved just for kids.  Big people are afforded the chance to stay young for much longer in these parts too. We love that. If you, like us, can’t stand confines, don’t wait!  Your travel dreams are a reality if you just take the first step. We did and we don’t look back.”