Introducing The Story Teller…!  

zebraWelcome boys and girls around the world!  It is with fond memories from my childhood that I introduce you to The Story Teller – the inspiration for so much of my love of the Africa… and I hope yours too!… 

…I spent my childhood dreaming of bush veld adventures.  I dreamed of freedom, wide open spaces and the thrill of being close to all the animals in the wild. I imagined the stories that must have unfolded under the branches of the oldest trees deep in the bush. 

I longed for a life where I would be part of the wild – kazembeand I am one of the lucky ones, because now that I am an adult I get to live out those precious dreams in Zimbabwe’s most spectacular wilderness. 

My passion for the bush life was fuelled by many a family sojourn to remote wilderness places but also by the wonderful stories my mum would tell us!  We loved those special times when we would gather around her and hear stories of Tenashi – the little African boy and his many exciting adventures as he grew up in the bush!

They were stories to treasure a lifetime and stories that have stayed with me always – the stories I now want to share with you…  Each month we’ll give you the next of many tales to enjoy, the tales of bush creatures, tales that will tell you about Africa and the lives of the animals as they unfold in the grasses, in the bushes, in the water, in the skies. 

We’ll learn about African children, their culture and history and maybe one day we can meet you here to enjoy your very own African adventure! story2 subscribe

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Sasha The Badger’s Big Adventure

On that particular morning the air was crisp and cool, and the kudus sheltering under the trees welcomed the warmth of the rising sun. They were perfectly camouflaged in the shadows and before stepping out into the sunshine their ears listened for any threatening sounds and their noses searched the breeze for the scent of predators. All was clear but still they walked cautiously, their delicate legs brushing the dew from the tall grass. They had no idea that a pair of dark eyes was watching them intently, ready to drive them away if they came any closer to the den. Those were not the eyes of a lion or a leopard, but of a smaller predator, every bit as fierce and far more courageous. This was a mother badger, Sasha, protecting her cubs, safely hidden in the dark, warm burrow behind her. She was strong and muscular and she was ready to attack anything that threatened her … Read more...