The Spectacular Victoria Falls


‘A scene so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight…’ Dr David Livingstone

Vic Falls

Victoria Falls


Africa has reason to be proud of its scenic treasure, the mighty Victoria Falls. Like a jewel in the Zambezi the spectacular Victoria Falls is a must-see for any African traveller.

In the North West corner of Zimbabwe, the might of the Zambezi River pours in thunderous cascades down a sheer rock face 360 feet deep and 1 mile wide, and boils and churns violently in the gorge below. The onlooker is left lost for words to describe the stunning vista before him.

The early Tonga people named the spectacle, “Shongwe” – a seething cauldron from which billows swathe after swathe of rising spray to drench the infringing rain forest and any unsuspecting soul admiring the grandeur.

Rainbows arch vibrantly against the falling white tresses and call to memory the words of Dr David Livingstone in 1855 when he said of it “scenes so lovely must surely have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” A breath taking spectacle by day, the Falls are also a rare beauty to behold at night when lucky travellers get to see the spray turn a ghostly silver-white in the moonlight, or even see the magical Moonbow or Lunar Rainbow at Full Moon.

Visitors walk through the rainforest to view the spectacle and find themselves in a world of trees festooned with vines and woody creepers, mosses and ferns and an abundance of herbaceous flowers. Shy bushbuck forage in the rich grasses and blend easily in the shadows. The wailing cries of the trumpeter hornbills lend harmony to the thunder of the Falls and numerous frogs join the chorus.

Above the Falls boat cruises up the Zambezi offer the experience of untouched Africa where the vista can be seen just as it was hundreds of years ago. Hippos yawn widely above the water and guffaw with the same song they have always sung. Herd of elephant and buffalo can be seen drinking at the waters edge and shy crocodiles slip beneath the surface and watch for an unsuspecting victim. A host of water birds complete the idyllic scene.

The Victoria Falls promises every visitor a soul-stirring encounter with Africa, a memory to treasure for all time.




In addition to our tented camp we also recommend a variety of intimate lodges, including:

Ursula Camp

Situated 10 minutes from Victoria Falls town Ursula Camp is an exclusive 4* lodge tucked away on a private Big-Five concession. It offers 4 twin chalets and 1 Double chalet – each under thatch, with en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning and mini bar. Rate available on request.

Gorges Lodge

Gorges Lodge is 13km from Victoria Falls town. Built right on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, it has breath-taking views from all of the rooms, the dining room and the bar. Black Eagles nest in the cliffs below and guests can do pre-arranged walks to see them. Rates available on request.

Other lodges and hotels are also available on request – please contact us for rates and specials.

When To Go

When To Go


Wet Season

Victoria Falls is spectacular in any season, but in the wet season, when rainfall is high, it is absolutely pounding, sending up huge and intense spray. This is when the Falls is at its most powerful. Whilst the Falls are spectacular from the air this time of year, viewing from the ground can be more difficult and some activities are off-limits due to the high level and strength of flow of the water.

Dry Season

In the dry season, the water level is lower and it is easier to see the Falls through the spray but you will still get wet when walking through the Rain Forest! Activities such as the Devil’s Pool Swim would be available now, as well as canoeing on the Zambezi.

Falls at Moonlight

Click For Lunar Calendar

Click For Lunar Calendar

At full moon guests can visit the Falls during the evening hours when the spray is a ghostly white mist in the moonlight.

Each full moon the Victoria Falls rainforest re-opens in the evening for special tours to witness the mystical magic of the lunar rainbow – spray and cloud permitting!

It is one of the few places on earth where this natural phenomenon occurs regularly and yet many people visit the Falls without knowing of it. It is an impressive sight and worth timing your visit to see.

For Consideration 

  • Rafting season generally closes around Feb / March – due to excessive high water level of the Zambezi River. It re opens around mid July
  • Best Rafting – August through to December – due to the low water level of the Zambezi River.
  • March/April- Huge volume of spray making viewing of the falls from the ground difficult, but great for aerial viewing.
  • November/early December – Low water level of the Zambezi River means parts of the Falls dry up.
  • The Zambezi National Park can be closed after heavy rains from December through to March.
  • Best Game Viewing is from late August to the first rains around Mid November
  • Migrant Birds arrive around September
  • Extremely hot and dry October – fantastic sunsets.


Victoria Falls has an international airport. Guests can expect approximately a 20-minute vehicle transfer to town to their chosen accommodation.




Victoria Falls lends itself to a variety of once-in-a-lifetime safari activities – both for the romantic, and the daring. Below some recommendations:vicfalls3

  • Tour of Victoria Falls Rain Forest
  • Zambezi Sundowner Cruise
  • Flight of Angels over Falls
  • Swim in Devil’s Pool above the Falls
  • Game drive into the National Park
  • Walk with Lions
  • Elephant-back safari
  • High tea at Victoria Falls hotel
  • Tour of Victoria Falls curio market
  • Dinner at The Boma – traditional food & traditional dancing
  • Bungee Jump from Victoria Falls bridge
  • White water rafting
  • Canoeing on the Zambezi
  • Flying fox Gorge swing