Hwange National Park


A pristine big-five wildlife sanctuary roughly the size of Belgium, just 2.5 hours from Victoria Falls…



hwange1The sun is setting and the stillness of evening approaches. Accompanied by your Professional Guide you linger near a waterhole, glass in hand, watching, as thirsty herds venture down to drink after a long, hot day.

As evening approaches, and you prepare to head back to the comfort of your camp, where dinner by firelight awaits, there is notable tension in the air, as dusk gives way to darkness, and predators begin to move…

Those who travel to Hwange speak of a sense of freedom stretching out before them, luring them to explore further and bringing a sense of peace and inner quiet to the soul.

The Park offers all the drama of big game, the powerful presence of elephants close up, the tense amber stare of lion nearby, the menacing pose of an irritable buffalo, the endless alternation of life and death.

It is a pristine wilderness that invites explorers to revel in its stunning scenery, wild ways and wide open spaces.

Easily Accessed

Hwange National Park lies in the Western corner of Zimbabwe, 160 kms from Victoria Falls (roughly 2 hours drive & 1 hour charter flight) and 270 km from Bulawayo.

Roughly the size of Belgium

Zimbabwe’s largest National Park, Hwange covers an area of over 14,500 square kilometres – almost the size of Belgium. The Park is renowned for its vast elephant population (estimated to be over 40,000 in peak season). It boasts a fascinating diversity of fauna and flora, and one of the widest varieties of large mammals in the world.


Spectacular Seasonal Contrast

Hwange stages spectacular seasonal contrast. In the peak of the dry season, when scorching days, scarcity of water, and sundown sees thirsty heards fight for place to drink, up to 1,000 elephants can descend on a single waterhole in a day. An urgent frenzy of feet sees an ensuing cloud of dust that smothers the setting sun to colour the African dusk red.


In striking contrast, the welcome onset of heavy rains in the wet season brings refreshing change. A once barren and dusty landscape turns a lush, vibrant green, showcasing new life at every turn, an abundance of plains game, and a fascinating array of resident and migratory birds.

When To Visit


When to Visit


Accessible year-round. Emerald season means guests will be guaranteed rainfall (between December and March), but access throughout the Park is good even in these periods. Hwange is exquisite in the green season, but the peak of the dry season is undoubtedly the best game-viewing period, when water is scarce and there is competition at the waterholes. Winter can be very cold, with temperatures dropping sub-zero at times. The cold months begin Mid-May through July, with July being the coldest month.


Easy access by road transfer or air charter from Victoria Falls & Bulawayo.







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